Creative And Easy Ways To Raise Money For New Cheerleading Uniforms

20 November 2015
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Keeping a cheerleading squad at the top of their game is partially relative to making sure they feel confident in their uniforms, which is a good reason to make sure that every member of the team has a nice uniform to wear for performance. Unfortunately, when you are managing a team of cheerleaders, funding for new uniforms usually has to come from the parents and this is not always a possibility. Read More 

3 Shades Of Leather To Kick Your Work Boot Rotation To The Next Level

16 October 2015
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Brown and black work boots will only get you so far, and after a few years of such a simple rotation, chances are you'll be a bit tired of the same 2 shades of leather on your feet every day. Spicing up your boot arsenal doesn't require a full-on spray-paint job on your favorite pair of moc-toes, but having a discerning eye will reveal some great options to break you out of the brown and black boot rut, like the picks below. Read More 

Gearing Up For Winter: Current Work Pants For Sale Online And The Options You Have For Staying Warm

14 October 2015
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Winter is nearly here. If you just got a new job that requires you to work on a loading dock, in a warehouse, in refrigerated storage or on a refrigerated truck or even on a farm, you will need to invest in some work pants that allow you to get dirty and stay warm at the same time. There are many options and different types of work pants for sale online, all of which will fit whatever outdoor or nearly outdoor job you now have. Read More 

Tying The Knot Again: The 5 Most Common Questions About Planning A Second Wedding

12 October 2015
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If you're beginning to plan the big day of your second wedding, you may have some questions about how a second wedding is handled. While it is largely similar to a first wedding these days, there are some differences. You'll save yourself energy and frustration to know what you can expect. Here are five common questions couples have when arranging a second marriage ceremony.  Can You Wear White? Yes! The social rules against wearing white on your second wedding day are no longer the norm. Read More 

What Your Boot Height Says About You

7 October 2015
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Work boots for men come in all different shapes and sizes. Each one serves a unique purpose and gives off a different effect that is quintessentially you. Here are some classic boot heights and what they say about you, from sleek city styles to rugged roughneck kickers.  4 to 6 inches 4 to 6 inches is the beginner's boot height, perfect for those looking to switch from something more athletic or laid back to footwear that's tough and rugged. Read More