The Long-Term Benefits Of Wedding Gown Preservation

15 July 2021
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Your wedding is and always will be one of the most memorable days of your life. It's likely you'll want to save as many mementos from the big day as you can. But as the bride, there is one item in particular you might want to make sure remains in pristine condition for years to come, and that's your wedding gown. The dress obviously cost a lot of money, but it's also the sentimental value that you'll want to preserve well into the future. Read More 

Are You Ready For A Designer Handbag?

12 April 2021
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It's no secret that a designer handbag is a fashion status symbol, with most brand names and labels being easy to spot on sight. Some handbags leave their admirers eager for a waitlist so they can get their hands on a handbag that a select few are able to purchase. Are you ready for a designer handbag? It takes more than having a keen eye for fashion to have one of these beauties, and with the right money and even better connections, you can make this status-creating fashion piece something you can own. Read More