Post-mastectomy Products: A Guide to Choices and Uses

29 January 2024
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A mastectomy, a surgical procedure to remove one or both breasts, often leaves individuals facing physical and emotional challenges. Post-mastectomy products, designed specifically to support and comfort those who've undergone this surgery, play a significant role in recovery and returning to daily activities. Mastectomy Bras and Camisoles Mastectomy bras and camisoles are designed with pockets to hold breast forms securely. They're typically made of soft, breathable fabrics that won't irritate sensitive skin post-surgery. Read More 

Why Customized Family Reunion Shirts are a Must-Have for Your Next Big Gathering

17 October 2023
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Family reunions are the perfect opportunity to bring your loved ones together and create lasting memories. And what better way to add a touch of unity and excitement to your gathering than with customized family reunion shirts? Read on to discover why ordering custom family reunion shirts should be at the top of your to-do list for your next big gathering. Show Your Family Pride Customized family reunion shirts allow you to proudly display your family name or a unique family logo. Read More 

Preparing For Surgery? How To Choose Clothing For Post-Mastectomy Recovery

23 February 2023
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If you're scheduled for a mastectomy, now's the time to plan for your wardrobe. Once you've recovered, you can go back to your favorite clothing items. But, during the recovery period, you want to have a slightly different wardrobe lined up. If you're not sure what type of wardrobe you'll need post-mastectomy, read the list provided below. These tips will help you prepare for your post-mastectomy recovery.   Look for Soft Fabrics Read More 

3 Tips For Buying And Styling Bandeau Tops

14 September 2022
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Bandeau tops are essentially band-shaped pieces of fabric that are designed to cover the breast area. Bandeaus were limited mostly to the pool in past years, but more and more fashion-forward women are making the choice to rock a bandeau top away from the pool as well. Here are three tips and tricks that you can use to help ensure you are able to successfully buy and style a bandeau top in the future. Read More 

New To Backpacking? Purchase Some Insect Repellent Clothing

13 May 2022
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Backpacking is such an incredible activity! It's so much fun to hike out into the wilderness, camp overnight, and get up in the morning to do more hiking. Whether you plan on backpacking for one night or many nights, you do need to be prepared with the right gear. A core component of that gear is insect-repellent clothing. What is insect-repellent clothing? Insect-repellent clothing is just clothing that has been treated with pesticides to cause it to repel bugs and insects. Read More