Preparing For Surgery? How To Choose Clothing For Post-Mastectomy Recovery

23 February 2023
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If you're scheduled for a mastectomy, now's the time to plan for your wardrobe. Once you've recovered, you can go back to your favorite clothing items. But, during the recovery period, you want to have a slightly different wardrobe lined up. If you're not sure what type of wardrobe you'll need post-mastectomy, read the list provided below. These tips will help you prepare for your post-mastectomy recovery.  

Look for Soft Fabrics

If you're trying to find clothes for your post-mastectomy recovery, look for soft fabrics. You want to choose a fabric that's soft and breathable. Scratchy fabrics can irritate your skin. Also, if the fabric isn't breathable, you could sweat a bit more. Unfortunately, excess sweat can also irritate your skin after a mastectomy. The best way to avoid skin irritation is to choose tops that are soft and loose. 

Choose Loose Pants

If you're going in for a mastectomy, you'll need the right pants during your recovery. You might not think that the type of pants would matter after a mastectomy, but they do. This is especially true during the recovery period. After your mastectomy, you'll need to wear a drainage bag until you heal.

The drainage bag fits around your waste. Tight pants can get uncomfortable while you're wearing the drainage bag. That's why you should choose pants that don't have a tight waistband. Leggings, yoga pants, and elastic-waist jeans are the best option when you're recovering from a mastectomy. 

Listen to Your Body

If you're preparing for a mastectomy, you want to have the right clothes for your recovery. One way to do that is to listen to your body. Tops and dresses that have a lot of seams can rub on your incisions. One way to avoid that is to choose clothes that don't have seams around the chest area. After your surgery, try on your clothing. If you have tops that rub against your incisions, put those aside until you've fully recovered from your mastectomy. 

Wear the Right Bra

If you're getting ready for a mastectomy, be sure to buy a new bra. You'll want to wear a bra during the recovery period. A post-mastectomy compression bra is the best option. Compression bras keep the right amount of pressure on the surgical site. They also have pockets for ice packs. Ice packs can help reduce swelling after a mastectomy. Ice can also help alleviate pain and discomfort. 

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