3 Tips For Buying And Styling Bandeau Tops

14 September 2022
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Bandeau tops are essentially band-shaped pieces of fabric that are designed to cover the breast area.

Bandeaus were limited mostly to the pool in past years, but more and more fashion-forward women are making the choice to rock a bandeau top away from the pool as well.

Here are three tips and tricks that you can use to help ensure you are able to successfully buy and style a bandeau top in the future.

1. Pay Attention to Fit and Quality

The only way to end up with an outfit that looks great with your bandeau top is to invest in a quality top that will offer the support you need.

Look for a bandeau that has a thick band around the upper perimeter of the shirt. Thick bands are more capable of staying in place as you move around throughout the day.

You should also be sure to check if each bandeau top you are interested in is lined. You don't want a sheer top showing off your breasts, so opt for only lined bandeau tops.

2. Pair With Something High-Waisted

Because bandeau tops are designed to mimic the appearance of a band around your bust, it can be challenging to identify which bottoms would work best with these unique tops. A bandeau will naturally put quite a bit of skin on display.

It's best to balance out this display of flesh with a high-waisted bottom. You can pair your bandeau with high-waisted jeans or shorts to create a casual look. A high-waisted skirt that is paired with a bandeau top can look flirty and fun.

A high-waisted bottom will minimize the amount of flesh you bare when wearing an outfit featuring a bandeau top.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Go Dressy

If you think that a bandeau is limited to the casual parts of your wardrobe, think again. A bandeau top can be transformed from casual chic to dressed-up elegance by simply using basic styling techniques.

Throw on a blazer over the top of your bandeau to make it more appropriate for the office. Select a bandeau that has a coordinating high-waisted skirt in the same fabric to create the optical illusion of a dress.

Accessorize your bandeau top with some elegant jewelry, and you will be ready to tackle any board meeting or presentation you may have scheduled throughout the day.

Now is the time to test out a bandeau top for yourself. 

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