Are You Ready For A Designer Handbag?

12 April 2021
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It's no secret that a designer handbag is a fashion status symbol, with most brand names and labels being easy to spot on sight. Some handbags leave their admirers eager for a waitlist so they can get their hands on a handbag that a select few are able to purchase.

Are you ready for a designer handbag? It takes more than having a keen eye for fashion to have one of these beauties, and with the right money and even better connections, you can make this status-creating fashion piece something you can own. Here are signs you're ready for a designer handbag.

You have a designer you love

When it comes to investing in a designer handbag, you really have to invest, both time and money. A luxury handbag can be a lot of money and can carry a long waitlist of eager buyers if the bag or brand honoring the bag has garnered enough of a fan base or media attention.

Since there are many designer handbags on the market and buying just one will cost you a pretty penny, make sure you choose a designer you trust when buying a bag, and don't just pick a handbag because of its popularity. If you genuinely enjoy the craftsmanship and quality in a designer handbag more than its status, then you're ready to invest.

You have the money

You are ready for a designer handbag when you have the money — as in, have the cash, not the credit card — to buy one. If you have to skip a mortgage payment, pull money out of savings, or forgo the family vacation this year to get your hands on a designer handbag, then it's time to either reconsider the handbag you want, make some financial changes to compensate for the cost, or look at the same handbag brand in more affordable ranges. You can still have the designer tote without paying luxury prices you cannot afford if you are willing to be flexible.

Buy your designer handbag from an authorized retailer to ensure you are purchasing the real deal. A real bag should come with some type of authentication or certification that it is legit so you know you are getting the right handbag for your investment.

Reach out to a designer handbag supplier to learn more about the different brands and styles of handbags, including a Hermes Berkin handbag.