What Your Boot Height Says About You

7 October 2015
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Work boots for men come in all different shapes and sizes. Each one serves a unique purpose and gives off a different effect that is quintessentially you. Here are some classic boot heights and what they say about you, from sleek city styles to rugged roughneck kickers. 

4 to 6 inches

4 to 6 inches is the beginner's boot height, perfect for those looking to switch from something more athletic or laid back to footwear that's tough and rugged. These boots can easily be confused for high-top sneakers or canvas lace ups, so they're plenty subtle for an understated look. A step up in durability from tennis shoes, but nothing like what a lumbersexual would be wearing, this height makes for a great entry point into the world of tough-as-nails footwear.

6 to 8 inches

This height range tends to strike a good balance between do-anything capabilities and agility, which makes these types of boots the choice of many contractors and construction workers. These are the types of boots that say, "I'm here to show up, do some work, and go home." Wearers of these types of boots have no time for nonsense on the job, but are more straightforward doers when there's a job to be done. 

8 to 10 inches

8 to 10 inches is typically where most fashionable and high-end work boots come in, but these boots are still good for doing all kinds of manual work. This height range will give great ankle support, but might not be best for lots of moving around. When wearing these boots, you're in for some short bursts of high activity, like logging or raking leaves. Boots of this medium-high level say, "I want to look good, but you don't want to mess with me."

10 to 12 inches 

Boots higher than 10 inches are typically cowboy or motorcycle-style boots that might not be best on a job site. These boots are a lot about being eye-catching and very stylish, and are a great investment if you're into motorcycle or Western culture, as they have yet to go out of style even almost 150 years after their inception. Motorcycle boots are a must if you're doing lots of hours on a bike, as few other styles of boot will hold up to that kind of abuse. As far as farm work goes, good luck slogging through a wet field or muddy road without a knee-high pair of quality boots under you. These boots ooze a mentality that you know what you like and tailor your clothing to your hobbies or professions.

With this information in mind, decide which style works best for you, and head over to a business like White's Boots today to make your choice.