Gearing Up For Winter: Current Work Pants For Sale Online And The Options You Have For Staying Warm

14 October 2015
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Winter is nearly here. If you just got a new job that requires you to work on a loading dock, in a warehouse, in refrigerated storage or on a refrigerated truck or even on a farm, you will need to invest in some work pants that allow you to get dirty and stay warm at the same time. There are many options and different types of work pants for sale online, all of which will fit whatever outdoor or nearly outdoor job you now have.  

Flannel- or Fleece-Lined Work Pants

Skip the long underwear. These pants are already heavily lined with flannel or fleece. They are a cross between your favorite lounge pants on the inside and rugged work pants on the outside. Several different companies produce these pants, including familiar denim jean brands. If you own and operate a farm, you probably have kids that work the farm alongside you. If that is the case, then these companies provide the same work pant solution for them too, in their kid sizes. You may even buy rugged work pants with these linings that are waterproof and windproof as well.

Coveralls and Overalls

Overalls have long been a staple of farmers' wardrobes, but they work well for any outdoor and cold temperature profession. They are comfortable and durable, and you never mind getting them dirty. Their considerably roomy and generous cut allows you to layer long underwear, knee-high socks and several shirts underneath so you can be as warm or as hot as you prefer while you work.

Coveralls are similar in that they cover your entire body and everything you have on underneath. They closely resemble one-piece leisure suits from the seventies, but are much thicker, denser and heavier. If you do not want to find additional clothing pieces to wear with work pants, coveralls and overalls that you can just pull on from the bottom up are a great option.

Sub-Zero and Arctic Clothing from Military Surplus

The military does not always head into deserts and hot tropical places. Sometimes deployments into much colder regions of the world are necessary. For this, the military developed sub-zero and arctic clothing, which you might be able to purchase from online military surplus stores. Pants, snowpants, tops, boots and the like will all keep you toasty. Additionally, they will have extended sizes for "big and tall" individuals, something that might not be available from other brands and companies.