Creative And Easy Ways To Raise Money For New Cheerleading Uniforms

20 November 2015
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog


Keeping a cheerleading squad at the top of their game is partially relative to making sure they feel confident in their uniforms, which is a good reason to make sure that every member of the team has a nice uniform to wear for performance. Unfortunately, when you are managing a team of cheerleaders, funding for new uniforms usually has to come from the parents and this is not always a possibility. If you would like to lend a helping hand to your cheerleading team to help them get the uniforms they need, it is a good idea to try to raise money to cover part of the costs. Here are a few creative and easy ways that you may be able to raise money to help pay for new cheerleading uniforms.

Offer a Rent-a-Hand Service 

If your location is home to a lot of elderly retirees or disabled widows, you can use this to your advantage when you need to raise money for new uniforms for the cheerleaders on the squad. Offer a rent-a-hand service that offers your team members up for help around the house with chores or even just company for a few hours if the person interested in services will pay a set fee. This fundraising idea requires no money up front and can be a good experience for the every team member. 

Organize a Cheerleading-for-Tots Event

If you have a team full of older, teenage cheerleaders, there is a pretty good chance that they are fairly skilled with routines and cheers. So much so that they could likely help to teach a class of younger girls a few fun cheers and moves. Organize a class and make it available in the community for smaller kids and the parents will be willing to pay for these sessions, especially if they know that they are for fundraising purposes.

Plan a Bottle Drive

If you can manage to create a bottle drive, you can work with local recycling centers to raise money with very little effort. Pick a date and set up signs throughout the community that tell what you are raising money for, what people can donate, and where to find the collection location. You will be surprised how many people will generously donate their plastic bottles to you in order to help.

Even though raising enough money to help pay for new cheerleading uniforms may seem like a big thing, with a little creative thinking you can come up with fun fundraising ideas that are easy to accomplish. Be sure to check with a sporting goods and clothing store for more fundraising ideas.