Racing Jackets That Are Constructed Of Distressed And Embellished Corduroy

26 January 2022
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Multiple cotton strands are used to produce corduroy. The strands are typically used to create vertical ridges. Corduroy is noted for its soft texture. A Brain Dead racing jacket that is constructed of distressed corduroy may ultimately become a wardrobe staple that you will appreciate wearing to sporting events, concerts, and other outside activities.

Racing Jackets And Corduroy Textiles

A standard racing jacket contains sleeves that are designed to extend over the waist. Cotton fibers are breathable and will rest comfortably against the skin. Racing gear often features a collar and some racing products may contain a hood. The lightweight property of cotton will dry quickly. Corduroy can be ironed and machine-laundered.

Racing outerwear that contains signs of distress may have undergone a slight bleaching process. The measurements of a jacket product that will be mass-produced may dictate the number of distressed sections that will appear on a particular garment. Since spot bleaching fabric often results in inconsistencies in a distressed pattern, no two racing jackets that have undergone this chemical process will look identical to one another.

A Clothier's Products

Designers from around the world may contribute to the design of a particular product. Motifs that are representative of a particular clothing line are often hand or machine sewn onto a garment. The strategic placement of patches and other design elements will make a racing jacket look original.

The design work will also aid with showing off one's preferences to represent a particular clothing company. Upon creating a jacket that is oversized, distressed strips of corduroy that are complementary to the body of a jacket may be affixed to the front portion of the outerwear. 

Products For Everybody

Everybody can equally appreciate wearing products that are constructed of corduroy. If a particular racing jacket product is marketed as a product for a man, but a woman will be wearing the product, a size conversion chart can be used to aid with selecting a product that will fit best. Brown, taupe, grey, cream, and white are some popular color choices for outerwear that is often worn by any person.

A racing jacket will look good with a pair of baggy trousers and casual sneakers. It will also complement solid or print leggings, sweatpants, and slip-on shoes. Viewing the outerwear that models are wearing on a clothier's website will provide some insight into how a racing jacket will look against certain types of clothing and shoes.

For more information, contact a local supplier about jackets such as Brain Dead racing jackets.