Dog Collars Are Important

8 December 2020
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When you have a dog, you want to provide them with everything they need to be happy, healthy, and safe. This means feeding them quality food, keeping their water bowl full of fresh water, grooming them regularly, providing them with chew toys and a comfy dog bed, and making sure they get plenty of exercise. You also want to take them to the vet for their annual exams and shots. Another thing you want to do is get your dog a good harness and a collar. A collar will play an important part in keeping your dog safe for many reasons. You can learn more about dog collars and why they are so important by reading the information below: 

A collar can be used to better control your dog

While you may want to use the harness to connect the leash when walking your dog, you also want to make sure they have their collar on. If something happens to the harness, such as if it snaps or proves to be the wrong size, then you will have the collar that you can connect the leash to. Not only can you walk your dog on the leash with the collar, but many dogs will listen better to their owner when the owner takes control of the collar. This is helpful if you have an excitable dog. Also, holding onto the collar gives you better leverage when trying to control a larger dog. 

A collar can help your dog get back home if they are lost

By making sure that your dog is always wearing their collar, you can know that they can be identified as yours if someone finds them. This is because you should always be sure that your dog's collar has identification tags connected to it. These tags should include some very important details. The tags should bear your dog's name, your phone number, and any other pertinent information, such as whether your dog needs medication. If someone finds your dog, they can read the tags and hopefully call you so you can be reunited with your dog. Without identification tags, it is much less likely that you will find your dog if they really get lost. 

A collar can be a fashion statement

Many people love to bling their pooches out and have them looking great. You can get your dog a great looking collar that is just as stylish as it is functional. If you get them one that is waterproof, you will know that it is going to last for a long time and is capable of sustaining wear and tear.

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