Three Reasons To Have Your Suit Jacket Cuffs Shortened

18 December 2019
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The right alterations for clothing can elevate any suit from ordinary to extraordinary. As such, it's always important to leave some room in your suit-buying budget to have it altered. It's difficult to buy a suit that fits you perfectly right off the rack, but a short amount of time in the trained hands of an alteration professional can have you looking your best. One of the alterations that you'll often need to consider is having the suit jacket cuffs shortened. This alteration doesn't usually take long, and shouldn't cost much money, either. Here are some reasons that it's worthwhile.

To Avoid Looking Sloppy

When a suit jacket's cuffs are too long, they can immediately give the person wearing the suit a sloppy appearance. Even if the person's suit has been professionally dry cleaned and the person is well groomed, he can still have an unkempt look to some extent. If your cuffs are too long, you may also have flashbacks to your first suit as an adolescent — perhaps one that was handed down from an older sibling and that didn't fit you well before it was slightly too long. When you get the cuffs shortened, each of these problems will disappear.

To Show Your Shirt Cuffs

It's proper for a small length of your shirt cuffs to be visible beyond the cuffs of your suit jacket. However, if you look at a lot of men who are dressed in suits at formal gatherings or even at work, you'll notice that a lot of them don't have shirt cuffs that are evident. If you want to appear as though you understand fashion, getting the cuffs of your suit jacket shortened is a simple way to accomplish this goal.

To Prevent Wear And Staining

If the cuffs of your suit jacket are too long, you'll notice that they can begin to look worn. Often, a suit jacket will develop a shiny texture and appearance in areas that have rubbed against other surfaces repeatedly. For example, if you wear a suit to work and often sit with your elbows on your desk, the elbows may look slick and shiny. This can also be true of cuffs that drag on desks, tables, and elsewhere. When you're eating in a suit with cuffs that are too long, you may also stain the fabric from inadvertently dragging your cuffs across your plate. Shortening the cuffs will prevent these issues and thus extend the life of the suit.