Choosing Your First Sari For A Full Figure

28 March 2019
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When attending an Indian wedding or event, it is appropriate to find a nice sari gown or dress to wear. Saris are commonly worn for events in Indian culture, and wearing a sari dress will help you properly fit with the dress code of the event. For women with a fuller figure, buying an Indian dress that typically has an open midriff can be a new experience. If you are a full figured woman and you need to find your first sari, here are some ways to pick out a flattering gown. 

Go for a full skirt

If you have a pear shape or larger hips, you can opt for a sari that has a skirt that flows outward. A skirt that is loose and flowing will allow you to move easily in the gown. A sari with a flowing skirt will also not cling to your hips, making it easier for you to dance, sit, and move about the party without having to readjust your outfit. If you have an apple shape or want to draw the attention downward, select a skirt with an ornate pattern. A pattern in a bright red or gold is culturally appropriate and will produce a beautiful, eye-drawing effect. 

Pin the wrap

Getting used to a sari dress can be most difficult when dealing with the wrap. Fiddling with the wrap or having it slip off is common. Be sure to be properly fitted for the wrap when you are fitted for your sari gown. If you find that the wrap does not remain on your shoulders, have the wrap pinned in place before the event. The pins should be on your shoulder and one on your upper back. This will allow the wrap to flow as it should, but you will not have to use your hands to continue to push up the garment. This will be important during dancing and while enjoying a meal. 

Don't forget the headpiece

One of the ultimate accessories for a sari is a nice headpiece. A jeweled headpiece that lays at the center of the scalp and on the forehead will provide a dazzling look when accompanied with any type of makeup. If you prefer a small piece, select a clip-on hair dangle that can be clipped to the hair at the tip of your hairline and will hang one inch or so below the hairline. Choose a jeweled headpiece that matches perfectly with the accents in your gown for a put-together look and to display your facial beauty at the event.