4 Unique Needlepoint Collars For Your Dog

13 December 2018
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Collars are one important way that you can take care of your dog. They're part of being a responsible pet owner, since a collar can help strangers identify your dog if he ever gets lost. However, collars can also be fun and decorative. Don't let your dog wear a boring collar any longer. Here are four unique styles of needlepoint dog collar you should buy for your dog:

1. Classic dog prints

If you love dogs and you're not afraid to show it, consider buying a needlepoint dog collar embroidered with classic dog motifs. Paws, food bowls, puppies, and bones are all popular choices. Your dog will look adorable in one of these beautiful collars.

2. Americana

This is a great option for active duty military members, veterans, or anyone who wants to show a little patriotic pride. Get your dog a needlepoint collar with the American flag embroidered onto it, or choose a plain red or blue collar with white stars for a more abstract version. A patriotic needlepoint collar is the perfect way to include your dog in 4th of July festivities.

3. Abstract designs

If you like classic designs and simple color schemes, you might prefer a dog collar featuring abstract needlepoint designs. Chevrons are especially trendy right now, and they can look great on male or female dogs depending on the colors you choose. Opt for lighter, more feminine colors for female dogs or more masculine, rich earth tones for males. There are many abstract patterns to choose from. You can have polka dots, stripes, or even color blocks.

4. Rainbow

This is the perfect choice for anyone who loves color: a rainbow needlepoint collar. This is a great collar if you want your dog to stand out in a crowd. As an added bonus, a rainbow collar can help your dog be more visible to drivers in low light situations. You can choose the orientation of your rainbow since needlepoint dog collars come with a lot of variety. Choose either horizontal rainbow stripes or vertical rainbow stripes. You can even get both and switch them out whenever the mood strikes you.

Express your style and originality with a unique dog collar. With one of these collars, your dog will be the most stylish dog at the dog park. Best of all, all of these collars are comfortable and secure, so your dog's safety is assured.