Want To Wear Wigs That Look Natural? Try These Helpful Tips

2 May 2018
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Would you like to start wearing wigs? Some people wear wigs because their natural hair doesn't grow fast enough for them and they want to be able to achieve different styles. However, others like wearing wigs because they can switch their look up as often as they want. If you don't want to go through the process of damaging your natural hair with bleach and assorted hair dye products, you can simply switch your color by wearing a wig and then revert to your old color when you're ready to do so by taking the wig off. Before you start wearing wigs, you may want to know some helpful tips that will make them look even more realistic.

Go For the Real Human Hair Options

If you want a wig to look as realistic as possible, choose options made with human hair. The hair is soft, manageable, and easy to dye different colors if that is what you plan on doing before wearing it. Human hair wigs tend to cost a bit more than synthetic options. If you're working with a budget, you may find some synthetic hair wigs that look realistic and beautiful, but you may not be able to dye them or use certain heat tools on them. Be mindful of this to avoid destroying any of the wigs you end up purchasing.

Leave Your Baby Hair Out Before Putting the Wig On

When putting the wig on your head, you'll need to cover up most of your hair. However, before placing the wig on your head, brush out the baby hairs at the top of your scalp and leave them out. Place the wig directly on your scalp where the hairline begins, leaving these baby hairs exposed. When you leave those baby hairs out, it gives off the impression that you're not even wearing a wig. Many people like to use gel and a small brush to style the baby hairs and get them to stick down.

Use the small brush to brush your baby hairs down the front of your face as if they were bangs. Once you've brushed the pieces out, you're going to want to start brushing them toward the top of your hairline, creating a sharp look with your edges. Keep them in place by applying a dab of gel on your baby hairs and you're good to go for the rest of the day.

Follow these simple tips and no one will notice you're even wearing a wig. By choosing to use wigs, such as from The Next Step, you can change your hair color and style as often as you want without damaging your natural hair in the process.