Four Things You Should Absolutely Do During A Job Interview

13 October 2017
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Whether you are a recent college graduate or you are hoping to get a better job, chances are you'll have to go through the interview process. Job interviews can be daunting and there is a pretty good chance you'll be nervous. After all, this is your big chance to make a great impression with your future employer. In order to help you sail through your job interview with flying colors, here are four things you'll absolutely need to do.

1. Be On Time

If you're not on time for your interview, it will make a horrible impression. Your prospective employer will most likely be given the idea that if you can't even make it to your job interview on time, then you're not going to be able to make it to work on time. Some employers won't even allow you to go through with the interview if you don't get there on time.

2. Wear Proper Attire

You will definitely want to wear the right clothes to your job interview. If you don't know what to wear, you can't go wrong by wearing modest clothing that's also considered business casual.

For a job interview, women's modest clothing would consist of a blouse or sweater that covers up the chest area, and if a skirt is worn (instead of slacks), it shouldn't hang too far above the knee. Men should wear dress slacks and a button-down shirt. Both men and women should make sure their clothing isn't too tight.

3. Speak with Confidence

When you're answering questions, you should be sure to speak clearly and with confidence. Even if you're unsure of how to answer a question, do your best to portray confidence. You can do this by:

  • Not fidgeting
  • Keeping your eyes forward
  • Maintaining good posture while sitting
  • Smiling

You should have also prepared questions for your prospective employer, so be sure to maintain your confidence while asking them.

4. Shake Hands

Once the job interview is complete, the interviewer will most likely stand up as a cue that it is finished and that you are free to go. Before bolting out the door, be sure to give the interviewer a firm handshake.

Even if they don't extend their hand, you should extend yours. You should also shake their hand even if you've already done so at the beginning of the interview. While shaking their hand, it's a good idea to also thank them for their time.