3 Tips For Buying Christmas Clothing For Sensory Sensitive Children

18 November 2016
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Christmas is the time of the year to purchase presents for all your nieces and nephews, your own children and even your friends' children. While there are many different types of presents that make wonderful gifts, Christmas clothing is often a festive favorite. Sweaters with reindeers embroidered on them, festive hats, scarves, and even long snowpants make perfect gifts each year. However, you need to put some extra thought into the present if you're purchasing it for sensory sensitive children. Here are three tips you should keep in mind.

Avoid Clothing with Heavy Christmas Embroidery

Heavy embroidery is usually particularly uncomfortable for sensory sensitive children. The embroidery not only sticks out and irritates the skin, but might also make a piece of clothing feel a lot heavier. This means that while sweaters and clothes that are heavily embroidered with Christmas themes, like reindeer, sleighs, snowmen, and snowflakes, might look beautiful on the display, they'd make awful presents that the children can't wait to remove. Look for Christmas clothing with printed designs on them instead.

Choose Sweaters and Scarves Made from Lambswool

The type of fabric that you choose will also play a huge role as to how comfortable the Christmas clothing may be. If you plan on purchasing sweaters or scarves, you'll need to be particularly careful with your choice. Although wool can be quite warm, the fibers have scales attached to them that are used for protection. These scales can irritate the skin and make the sweaters or scarves feel tremendously itchy. You want to look for sweaters and scarves made from lambswool instead, as it is incredibly soft since it is the first shearing of a sheep when it is just several months old. Cashmere and merino are also popular choices although they're not as soft as lambswool.

Allow Them Choose by Purchasing Them a Gift Card

If you're purchasing Christmas clothing for a niece or nephew or for your friends' children, you might want to avoid making choices yourself. You never really know what might irritate sensory sensitive children. After finding a store that sells wonderful Christmas clothing, you might be better off with getting them a gift card to a store like Strawberries N Sunshine. If there's a piece of clothing that you particularly like, you can let them know when giving them the gift card, so they know what they should consider trying on first.


With the Christmas season quickly approaching, it's time to come up with some nifty and cool gift ideas. Clothing almost always make wonderful presents; however, if you're shopping for sensory sensitive children, you'll need to be a bit more cautious with the types of presents you get.