Okay Ladies, When Is It Really Time To Replace Your Underwear?

4 October 2016
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Underwear is just one of those clothing items that one cannot live without. It helps keep you clean and healthy, and it can even help shape your body in the most flattering way when you wear certain clothing items. However, just because your underwear isn't seen by others all that often doesn't mean that you should be keeping the same ones around forever. But, it is quite controversial to decide on a specific time when underwear needs to be replaced. Here are a few of the general rules every lady should follow when it comes to replacing underwear:

It's Uncomfortable: If your underwear is uncomfortable, it's time to get rid of it. Any pairs that are too tight or too loose shouldn't be worn because they won't be doing their job. They won't be shaping your body correctly or keeping you clean and healthy. On top of this, if you are wearing uncomfortable underwear, it can even make you feel less confident, even though no one can actually see the underwear that you are wearing. Believe it or not, wearing the right undergarments can make a huge difference in your confidence. 

You Need a Specific Type: If you don't have any underwear that can be worn with a white dress or a tight skirt, then you need to get some. This, again, goes with the comfort thing, as well as the improvement in self-confidence. If your underwear can be seen with your outfit, then you need to buy the type that cannot be seen. You can save this underwear for when you actually need it so that way, no matter what you wear, you have the right underwear to go with it. 

There's a Smell: Sometimes, even after washing, there is still a smell to the underwear that is difficult to get out. If this is the case, they need to be tossed and replaced. This often happens with thongs or other types of tight fitting underwear. After washing, be sure to check. 

It's Been Years: If you haven't purchased any new underwear in years, then it's time to buy some new ones and go through the ones that you do have. Toss the ones that are faded, worn, have holes, are missing bows, and just any pairs that you can tell have been around for a long time. Freshening up in this way improves confidence. 

When you consider these general rules for replacing your underwear, you can be sure that you always stay fresh, clean, and healthy. You are also going to improve your self-confidence. Check out retailers like Ginch Gonch for sales that might be going on so you can keep up with updating your underwear drawer.