2 Reasons To Use An Online Pageant Boutique To Get Your Daughter's Pageant Dress

19 August 2016
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If you are getting your young daughter into children's beauty pageants, then you have noticed that the dresses that all the other girls are wearing elaborate, frothy, sparkly dresses. It can be very hard for your daughter to compete in a pageant if she doesn't dress in the same style and wear that kind of dress. Some pageants may not even let her compete if she doesn't dress that way. The cupcake style pageant dresses aren't available at most children's clothing stores. To get one, you need to go to a store that specializes in pageant dresses. However, those stores aren't found in every town. You may have to travel to find a specialized store or even a person who can make one for you, if possible. You can also turn to an online store that specializes in pageant dresses. Many of those stores are small boutiques that have people who custom make the dresses. There are reasons why you should go with one of these small online boutiques.

Custom Design

If you are working with a small online boutique, odds are that you are dealing with the person who designs or makes the dresses. That means between you and that person, you can come up with a dress that will meet the requirements for the pageants but still have some individuality that will help your daughter to stand out. That can take some back and forth until you come up with the right design. The person you are dealing with will want pictures of your daughter, and may ask for particular kinds of shots to get the best idea of what will suit your daughter. They may also ask for pictures of your daughter wearing certain colors so that they can see which colors look best on her. 

Custom Fit

When it comes to getting a custom fit on one of the cupcake pageant dresses, there are some differences to other dresses. That's because the dresses are designed to use for a little while after the wearer grows a little bit. That can mean that the person making the dress will make sure that there is lacing on the sides so that the top can be loosened a bit as your daughter grows. The dresses also tend to be two pieces, with the skirt attaching to the bottom of the bodice so that they appear to be one piece, and there may also be ways for the person to fit the skirt so that it fits well now and for some time in the future. 

If your daughter is getting into pageants, you want to make sure that she has a sparkly, flouncy dress just like everyone else. Check out boutiques like Dash of Glitter to get started.