3 Reasons To Add Monogrammed Shirts To Your Daughter's Wardrobe

26 July 2016
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Monogrammed shirts can offer unique style choices for a young girl. Here are a few reasons to add monogrammed shirts to your daughter's wardrobe:

Preservation of Uniqueness

A monogrammed shirt can help ensure that your little girl does not dress exactly like other people. She can stand out in a crowd. Monograms offer an individual flair to help discourage your child from looking like everyone around her. As a parent, you likely desire your child to feel good about being herself, but there is often peer pressure to simply follow the trends of the crowd.

A monogrammed shirt continues to remind your child of who she is. Even if other kids have monogrammed clothing, your child's initials are apt to be different from those of practically everyone around her.  

Easy Clothing Identification 

If you enroll your child in summer camp or other group activities, it can be difficult for her to distinguish her clothing from that of her peers, especially if similar shirts are worn. Monogrammed clothing makes it simple for your daughter, camp counselors and others to confirm that your child's clothing belongs to her.

To ensure that your child has enough monogrammed clothing for the duration of the camp, select at least one monogrammed shirt for each day of the week. If monograms are not available for your child's pants, write her name or initials on the tag using permanent ink. Since many shirts are designed without tags to make them more comfortable, monograms remain the best option for your child's tops.

Designer Options

Most clothing is only available in very limited colors. Thus, your child may have only a few options when choosing her shirts. However, with monogrammed shirts, your child can select her shirt color as well as the font for her monograms. In addition, she can select the size and placement of the monograms on her shirts. This can help her express her own style and creativity. She can participate in the design of the shirts that she chooses to wear.

Additionally, your child's shirts may be available in multiple styles, such as t-shirts, polos and button-down options. There may also be sweatshirt and sweater styles.

To select monogram shirts for your daughter, consult with a monogram clothing vendor, such as Southern Tots. They often present a wide number of style and color choices to help you find pieces that your child will feel good about wearing.