Why Moccasins Are The Perfect Baby Gift

29 June 2016
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If you are looking for a baby gift that is a little different from the norm, why not consider baby moccasins? Baby shoes for newborns and infants are often a waste of money, but if you think ahead and get moccasins for when the baby is toddler age and starting to walk, these soft-soled shoes can be perfect. Here are some different reasons why they can be a great gift.

Moccasins Are Easy to Walk In

First of all, moccasins are great for babies who are just learning to stand or walk because of how comfortable and lightweight they are. Moccasins are often made from real leather or imitation leather, but just thin pieces of the material. Unlike hard-soled shoes, these have a thin, soft sole that is just thick enough to handle different flooring surfaces. The baby won't have a hard time picking up his little feet in order to take steps with these shoes. The soles also help provide good grip on the floor, making it even easier to learn to walk.

They Provide Room to Grow

Another issue with other types of baby shoes is that they fit a little snug and don't provide room for the baby's feet to grow. Moccasins have a wide toe and enough room inside for the baby's foot to fit comfortable, but not be constricted. Her feet are growing at a rapid pace and the bones in her feet aren't even fully formed yet. If she will be wearing the shoes fairly often, you don't want her foot growth to be stalled from wearing the wrong shoes. Moccasins can be tightened so they don't fall off, but still have plenty of space to give her little toes some wiggle room for growing.

Moccasins Come in Many Colors and Styles

For the mom who is fashion-forward, moccasins are perfect. There are a lot of different colors and patterns to choose from, so the baby's mom is able to match the cute shoes with her baby's outfits. You can choose one neutral color that works with man outfits, or choose a few different colors and patterns to give the baby's mom some more variety.

They Are Easy to Put On

A great benefit for the baby's mom is the fact that moccasins are very easy to put on. They are lightweight, loose around the feet, and have elastic to loosen them for putting on or taking off. They are much easier than hard-soled shoes that tend to have buckles or buttons that are easy to maneuver.

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