Style Points That Really Work For New Moms

11 May 2016
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If you've recently had a baby, your new definition of style is probably yoga pants, loose t-shirts and maternity clothes (because your old clothes don't fit you just yet). Feeling discouraged about your body and how your clothes fit is common for new mothers, but there are some things you can do to feel pretty and stylish while remaining comfortable.

1. It's all about the shirts you wear.

Ditch your partner's baggy hoodies and old sports team shirts (so tempting, so comfortable, but you can do better). Opt for a T-shirt that is fitted through the shoulder, but leaves some loose fabric at the waist. Long shirts are better. Solid colors work well, but it's even better to choose prints--prints hide milk stains and bring some spruce to the outfit without the need for accessory pieces like jewelry that babies tend to grab and break. Trendy prints include animals of all kinds, bicycles, and chevron or herringbone patterns. Choosing soft, dark colors (like navy blue, deep lavender etc) are the best if you're looking for a slimming effect. If you need a layer, use a thin cardigan. As your waist returns to normal, these clothes will still be trendy and stylish with jeans, fitted blazers, pencil skirts, and suit pants. 

2. Upgrade your yoga pants. 

Yoga pants are comfortable for moms because they are forgiving for the extra bulk around the waist after having a baby. However, they aren't as forgiving style-wise. If possible, swap your yoga pants out for thick leggings, wear a long top or jersey knit skirt, and wear relaxed ankle boots or flats to make the comfy look more complete. Leggings will help draw the eye away from your still-healing midriff and help to bring a more fitted, comprehensive look to your outfit. As an added bonus, unlike jeans, stretchy leggings or even jeggings made from knit-ponte will slim down with you so you don't need to buy new sizes as you lose the baby weight. 

3. Get some dedicated work-out gear. 

Wearing workout clothes around the house is one way that women get around the difficult style postpartum style period. Instead of wearing baggy old workout clothes (these are not motivating), invest in some comfortable everyday clothes like those mentioned above, and then get some workout clothes for working out. You can't exercise right away after baby, but having some workout clothes that fit and feel comfortable will help motivate you to get active again as you take your infant for brisk walks. It's especially important to get a supportive sports bra -- your breasts will be larger than normal if you're breastfeeding and will need the extra lift. 

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