3 Things To Look For In Urban Clothing

26 June 2018
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Clothing trends can vary based on location. Local culture can influence the types of items that people wear. An urban environment creates unique needs when it comes to style and function.

Urban clothing has developed its own unique sense of style, and you can capitalize on this trend by investing in urban clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe. The key is learning to identify which pieces of urban clothing will have the greatest impact on your style.

1. Look for bold colors. 

Street styles in an urban setting must compete with a lot of environmental factors. There are often crowds of people, advertising signage, and various types of lighting in an urban environment.

To ensure that their clothing stands out amid the chaos, urban fashion icons utilize bold colors in their wardrobe. Look for pieces that feature bright colors like yellow, red, and purple as you shop for your own urban clothing.

2. Look for graphic images and patterns.

If you look closely at any urban environment, you will see many artistic elements. These elements can include advertising signage, structural architecture, and graffiti art. Urban clothing borrows the artistic elements from its surroundings by featuring graphic patterns.

Colorful characters, bold geometric prints, and other graphic patterns give urban clothing the character needed to stand out in a crowded cityscape. As you shop for urban clothing pieces to add to your wardrobe, be sure that you are looking for items with graphic patterns featured prominently in the design.

3. Look for items that are functional.

People who live and work in an urban setting tend to spend a lot of time walking. This means that their clothing needs to not only be stylish, but it needs to be comfortable as well.

Many urban clothing pieces are created from breathable fabrics that won't trap body heat. Shoes feature low or no heels, and they offer adequate ankle support to make walking more comfortable. Make sure that the urban clothing items you are adding to your wardrobe are both trending and functional to truly embody the spirit of urban fashion design.

Urban clothing can be fun to wear. Add some authentic urban pieces to your wardrobe by looking for items that are colorful, feature graphic images and patterns, and serve a functional purpose. This will allow you to create a unique style that reflect the principles upon which urban fashion was created.